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  1. Hello everyone, please participate in our poll, help us to obtain your valuable feedback and receive prizes from FENIX partner. In this section you can state your alternative options to initiate a new discussion.
  2. As everyone now is forced to make their purchases online, the need to employ electronic transaction media and to extend their use into a wider range of products is a necessity. The following article by newshub.co.nz explains the need to expand the practicing of social distancing and contactless measures among traders and business stakeholders. So is it time for these parties to get involved and increase their trading volume through online marketplaces similarly to the retail customers? Maybe FENIX Marketplace can be an excellent example of how this can be achieved. Read the full article here. Please let us know about other ideas, guidelines or best practices to help meet the challenges posed by the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  3. Please vote for the jewellery you like the most, to showcase the best in every category. Jewellery per category: JEWELS.zip
  4. We certainly do and i believe there is much waste out there, since electronic components become more and more frequently used. So i'll state also another question here.. Where is all that? What people do with old electronics?
  5. Its for both! You can buy or sell/offer: a) raw materials, b) second hand items, c) recycled materials, d) brand new items, e) services (e.g. collect your waste), f) Exchange/ trade 3D designs and much more.
  6. A few words about the basics to get a little familiar with the expected capabilities of the upcoming FENIX Marketplace. The ultimate FENIX tool consists of the following sections: 1) Marketplace: The place to trade green/ eco products and services. Presentation can be adjusted based on filters. 2) Showroom: A leaderboard for many categories, such as best offered items, best practices, member ranking, etc. Of course this section can be used to easily find popular items and services. 3) User Management Page: Contains all profile information such as followed users, wish list, messages, account and payment settings, manage uploaded content/ selling bench and much more. 4) User generated content: Here you can find content that has been uploaded by other users, such as 3D drawings, models, advertisements, etc. Presentation can be adjusted based on filters. 5) Open Innovation Platform (FENIX OIP): This is the area where all competition tasks will be published. Here, the new inventors will search for support and advanced users will search for opportunities. Contribution requests will be done through an intrigued procedure of setting tasks, while skilled users can benefit by their contribution.
  7. A new tab has been included in our Forum, which features the pilot development of our Marketplace. There is still a lot of graphic interface missing and functions, but gradually you'll be able to watch its implementation and leave us your thoughts and feedback. The idea is to first connect all these platforms into a nice home page. I another post i will next try to explain a few about the expected functions of each section of the Marketplace. Any ideas about how we should name it????
  8. Which 3D printer are you using? Any recommendations on a low-cost option, but not too cheap to be of low-quality? Do you know if there are special printers to be used with recycled filaments?
  9. What kind of other products can be produced by recycled filaments?
  10. What kind of other products can i make with green filaments?
  11. What other business potential do you foresee for FENIX? Could be or could be not a strictly eco/ green activity.
  12. Ok Anna don't push. We like it. Will include it in the poll.
  13. Conference organised on the 23 May 2019 by Eusalt in Rotterdam (Netherlands). https://circulareconomy.europa.eu/platform/en/news-and-events/all-events/save-date-circularity-pinch-salt
  14. The European Coatings Technology Forum will take place in Berlin in October 2019 https://circulareconomy.europa.eu/platform/en/news-and-events/all-events/european-bio-based-coatings-technology-forum
  15. Markus you are the most active user of this forum.. We can't follow up! Nice proposal(s). Lets wait for a couple of more to put them into voting..
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