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  1. Link to (old) paper on "Intelligent disassembly of electr(on)ic equipment"
  2. Link to (old) paper on "Robotized Disassembly of Mobile Phones"
  3. Link to rather old paper on "Control of Robotized Disassembly Cells in Electr(on)ics Industry"
  4. Link to rather old paper on "Case study: multi life cycle center [waste electric and electronic equipment recycling]"
  5. Link to paper on "Intelligent Disassembly of components from printed circuit boards to enable re-use and more efficient recovery of critical metals"
  6. Link to rather old paper on "Automated disassembly of electronic equipment"
  7. We can use this topic to exchange conference and journal papers, … that we have published
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0MAP1Nxtl4 Link to video about intelligent disassembly of mobile phones
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgOY8Mn5egU Link to video on intelligent disassembly of components from printed circuit boards
  10. Automatic disassembly.pdf Presentation of 2 intelligent disassembly cells
  11. Intelligent Disassembly.pdf General presentation on Assembly versus Disassembly
  12. We can use this topic to exchange some training materials on disassembly 4.0 like presentations, videos, … that we have been using.
  13. Dear all, I am happy to answer your questions that I or my colleagues have sufficient knowledge and look forward to a lively discussion and fruitful exchange of ideas. Regards, Bernd Kopacek
  14. First of all, let me please welcome you to our FENIX Forum in general and specifically to our discussion on the topic "Disassembly 4.0" that I will moderate together with my colleagues from Politecnico di Milano in Italy. I would like to introduce myself and provide you with some background information on my organisation and activities within the FENIX project: Dr. Bernd Kopacek Bernd heads the Austrian Society for Systems Engineering and Automation – one of the leading research organisations in electronics and the environment – in Vienna as Managing Director since 1997. Besides that he runs his own small group of companies in Austria and Romania specialising on electronics recycling, recycling precious and rare metals as well as re-use of IT equipment and mobile phones since 1999. In 2007 and 2008 he has been appointed as International Consultant by the International Finance Corporation (part of the Worldbank group) to set up an efficient WEEE solution for Southeast Europe. In 2011 his contract with IFC has been enlarged also to India and 2018 to Pakistan. Since 2011 Bernd teaches “Resource Efficiency” and “End-of-Life Management” as part-time Lecturer at Vienna University of Technology. Bernd graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Vienna University of Technology in 1993, received his Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, USA in 1996 and finally his PhD from Vienna University of Technology in 1999. AUSTRIAN SOCIETY FOR SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND AUTOMATION (SAT) The Austrian Society for Systems Engineering and Automation was founded in 1996 as the successor of the Department of Systems Engineering and Automation of the Scientific Academy of Lower Austria in Krems. It is a non-profit research and technology-transfer organisation, located in Vienna. The different activities embrace research, development and technology transfer as well as training projects with European industry, organization of national and international exhibitions, adaption of international research results, advising and search for partners for national and international projects, organization of special seminars and thematic networks throughout Europe. The two main business fields are WEEE Management and sustainable development. Research topics are prolongation of product use (upgrade, reuse, refurbishment), intelligent disassembly/separation technologies, products end-of-life management, reverse logistics, design for environment, compliance management. In addition, SAT established since 1997 the International CARE Electronics Office, a strategic initiative to understand the international & national implications of sustainability for the electric/electronics industry in the future. In FENIX SAT serves as Coordinator and Exploitation leader of the project. We provide our expertise in industrial automation and engineering, e-waste management, international cooperation activities and project management to support the research and demonstration activities in the project.
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