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  1. is this marketplace meant to sell/ buy waste or our final products (filaments/jewelery)?
  2. this is one of the questions which bothers me any time I think about circular economy. Is there any one out willing to discuss this? m
  3. https://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/magazine/planet-or-plastic/00000163-50c4-d011-ab67-75c52e020000?gc=%2Fvideo%2Fenvironment%2Fenvironmental-threats
  4. Anna, that is a nice link to explain the greater picturein particular the video on that website is worth watching:
  6. thanks, that was the missing hint, now it works previously I used the insert other media button....
  7. and this is how it is done ? here should be another youtube video displayed, but insewrting the URL does not make it apprear? what do I do wrong?
  8. I would be particularly interested in the reaction on the 3D model of the recycling plant.
  9. I would suggest to use the conference in Vienna as topic for E.G.feedback and impressions to test the functionality of the forum.
  10. hi everybody,

    I would be interested in partner activities in the field of Life Cycle Assessment.

    In particular I would like to dicuss the PEF and how we deal with it inside FENIX, respectivly how we generate it for the products we will promote on our marketplace.


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