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    Recycled Cu powder from hydrometallurgical processing of waste printed circuit boards. The purity of this product is 84% with Fe, Sn and Cl as impurities. The price is of 200€/kg.

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  2. The process was continuously optimized and the initial method of gold recovery from solution by solvent extraction with MIBK and further reduction with oxalic acid was replaced by gold reduction from solution with ascorbic acid. An example of Au recovery from solution of leaching of ceramic CPUs is bellow shown. Following the same core, the tin precipitation with oxalic acid was replaced with cementation process with Zn metal powder. The purity of obtained product was larger than 95%. Furthermore, based on recommendation of Fenix partners, both copper and tin were recovered from solution by their cementation on Fe metal powder. This powder was used for USE Case 3 of the project.
  3. The process consists in: - Leaching of the entirely PCBs (after removal of Al and steel components, batteries , resonators, plastic connectors) in a solution of hydrochloric acid as reducing agent and in-situ generated peracetic acid as oxidant. - Selective recovery of Ag, Au, Cu and Sn by precipitation/ cementation processes. Ag as AgCl - purity of 70% Au metal - purity of 43% Cu metal - purity of 90% Sn as C2O4Sn - purity of 92 %
  4. The used hydrometallurgical processes within this project are: - Process «GOLD-REC 1» - from the experience of HydroWEEE demo project (continuous optimization) - WO2018215967A1 Process for the hydrometallurgical treatment of electronic boards, Inventors: I. Birloaga, F. Vegliò, I. De Michelis, F. Ferella, May 2018, Priority number- IT201700057739A·2017-05-26, https://worldwide.espacenet.com/patent/search/family/060020492/publication/WO2018215967A1?q=pn%3DWO2018215967A1 - Process “GOLD-REC 2” – from the experience of FENIX project - WO2019229632A1, Hydrometallurgical method for the recovery of base metals and precious metals from a waste material, Inventors I. Birloaga, F. Vegliò, December 2019, Priority number - IT201800005826A 2018-05-29, https://worldwide.espacenet.com/patent/search/family/063312319/publication/WO2019229632A1?q=pn%3DWO2019229632A1 These two processes have been the base of design for the FENIX hydrometallurgical pilot plant. This was designed within a container which was devised into three sections: one section for operator and control panel, a second section that has a chemical reactor (R101) in which leaching, precipitation and cementation will be performed, a filter press (FP 101) with its panel control, two electrochemical cells ( EC1 and 2), a scrubber , and the third section with 12 storing tanks ( TK 101-106 for reagents and TK 107-112 for solutions and wastewater).
  5. Established in 1952 and located in L'Aquila (Italy), administrative center of the Abruzzo Region, our University is a public teaching and research institution offering a full range of academic programs including biotechnologies, sciences, economics, engineering, education, humanities, medicine, psychology, and sport sciences. The Department involved in this project is Dept. of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics (DIIIE) and in particular the laboratory of Integrated Treatment of Industrial Wastes and Wastewaters coordinated by Prof. Francesco Veglio’. The main activities of UNIVAQ are integrated within the WP3 - Pilot plants reconfiguration/implementation. These activities consist of research and development of hydrometallurgical processes and design of a pilot plant for the treatment of e-wastes. The results of this WP are of reference for WP1, WP2, WP4, WP5 and WP6.
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