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  2. Dear Pham, The Fenix hydrometallurgical plant was used and may be used with our developed technologies for the treatment of different streams. We have applied our patented hydrometallurgical process (GOLD-REC 2) within this plant and we have achieved the recovery of base and precious metals from a variety of e-waste components. Moreover, this process is suitable for the recovery of PGMs from different spent materials (e.g. spent automotive, pharmaceutical and petroleum catalysts, residues of turbine blades, etc.). In order to evaluate the adequacy of our solution (plant and process) for your stream, will be better to give us some more details on its physical and chemical properties. Thank you and best regards
  3. I am very intereted with your work! Especially Pilot plant in container. I would like to know more can this Pilot plant of yours be used to recover Pt in Sludge? Or another product of yours that can do it? Our sludge contains many Ti/Fe/Mn and various metals. I can send you the composition table for further evaluation. This component is only tentative as our main manufacturing plant has not yet commenced construction. Thanks and best regards.
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  8. Sohail Shams was to create a company to offer an absolute commitment to the customers and offer the best services in the region. He has significantly achieved his goal and is still going on for the past thirty-three years.
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